Medical Negligence

Medical or “clinical” negligence is where the level of care that is provided by a medical practitioner / professional for example a Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon or Dentist falls below an acceptable standard.

Medical negligence cases are often determined with reference to medical evidence dealing with two key issues.

The first issue taken into consideration is “liability” i.e. was the level of care substandard – to the point where it cannot be supported by the vast majority of similar medical professionals.

Secondly, it is necessary to show that the negligence has caused or at least contributed to the injuries that have been sustained.

Marlow Braide Solicitors work closely with a panel of medical experts from a variety of medical disciplines to help evaluate your case at a very early stage.

Medical Negligence can be a very complicated area of law, however, with our professional expertise and know-how you can relax with your mind at ease while we get on with the job of securing your compensation which you are entitled to.

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